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Couple's Home

Homebuying for millennials: What you need to know

After 2020, the real estate market saw an upsurge in sales from a segment once thought to be elusive. Many believed the entire generation wasn’t at all interested in being home buyers, but Millennials – those born between 1981 and 2001 ...

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Luxury Home Exterior

How paint colors can increase your home’s value

Did you know that a fresh coat of paint can increase your home’s selling price? Painting the outside of your home can lead to a 55 percent return on investment (ROI) while painting your home’s exterior can result in a 107 percent ROI, b...

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A girl entering a security code

Beef up the security system of your luxury home

You invested enormously in your luxury home. Like many affluent homeowners, security and privacy are now your top concerns because you want to protect your investment. When it comes to security, you don’t have to sacrifice the aesth...

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