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Things to do before closing a home sale

You're almost done with your home sale. The end is so close, you can almost taste victory! But before you celebrate the conclusion of this real estate transaction, it's important to be as eagle-eyed as ever. Several things can happen during...

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A senior couple enjoying a walk

Is Williamsburg, VA a great place to retire?

The verdict is in: Williamsburg, VA is a lovely place to retire. And it has been the case for several years. In fact, the city graced CNN Money's list a couple of times already. Colonial Williamsburg's historic 18th century architecture ...

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4 Ways Realtors® Give Back to Their Communities

When it comes to finding the right real estate agent, top of your criteria should be local expertise and a deep understanding of the community. Real estate professionals need to be intimately familiar with the homes, businesses, and the eco...

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Home Warranty paper and pen

What type of warranty for your luxury home?

Your luxury home in Williamsburg, VA deserves the best real estate warranty that you can afford. If your appliances or home systems unexpectedly break down, a home warranty plan ensures that you’re covered for what can sometimes be hefty ...

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Marchant Square Williamsburg

Is Williamsburg VA a good place to retire?

Retirement is the time when life should present you with leisure and if you want, adventure. Wake up naturally, without an alarm clock. Eat a leisurely brunch in a good restaurant. Maybe play a few rounds of golf. If you’re wondering whet...

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Modern kitchen full of smart kitchen appliances

Smart home features that will sell your home fast

In today’s digital age, savvy buyers are looking for the latest smart home features and they’re willing to spend for them. A study showed that millennials are intrigued by the possibility of having smart technology in their home, and th...

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New apartment door to modern living room

To buy or build a home: which is cheaper?

Now that you’ve finally managed to save up a substantial amount of money for your dream house, you may be wondering whether it’s cheaper to buy or build a home. There isn’t one clear-cut answer. Some experts believe that buying a hous...

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