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10 Luxury Home Ideas for Your Living Room

grey-themed luxury living room

A lot of memorable life activities take place in your living room. It is a place where you can relax and bond with your family and welcome your guests over special gatherings. 

With careful planning, you can transform your living room into a well-decorated space and turn your luxury home ideas into reality.

To help you narrow down your choices, I listed a few important items most luxury homes for sale in Williamsburg, VA have in common. Be sure to check out the list below before starting your home project:

  • What is your design goal? Do you want a contemporary living room? Or a cozy rustic lounge room?
  • How much square footage are you working on? How will the space be used? Are you trying to make it appear bigger?
  • Are your current pieces match your design goal?
  • Define your budget and stick to it.

Statement Chandelier

First on top of the list of luxury home decor ideas is an elegant chandelier as its main attraction. This multi-functional lighting element has its own charms and can serve as a focal point while providing illumination (or ambient lighting) to a room.

When it comes to variations, there are a wide range of styles and materials you can choose from. The most popular styles come in traditional forms, modern, contemporary, and are sometimes made in steel, glass, or copper.

Corner Room

The easiest way to make the most of a bland corner is by displaying an interesting masterpiece. Whether displayed on its own or mounted on a high table, a unique sculpture is a great addition to your otherwise empty living room corners. But, if you are more interested in making this space your productive spot, you can put together a small workspace. This is ideal especially if you’ve got a nice view to look onto. Simply choose a writing desk and pair it with a statement chair–you’ve got yourself a posh mini office!

Grand Curtains

Your curtains should tie your room together–not clash or steal the show. This is why you need to be careful in choosing the right color that not only complements your design but also elevates your room features.

For a luxurious feel, you may choose moody hues and rich patterns; for added texture, you may opt for luxe patterns and accents. Meanwhile, if your ceiling is high, the key is to coordinate the color of your curtains with the palette of your space, so it does not take over the room.


One way to give that large chunk of space a major facelift is by adding luxury walls features into your scheme. You can do this by installing a functional yet extravagant element such as a tall bookshelf that reaches all the way to the top or a stunning wall of your favorite stone. Not only it adds interest to your otherwise empty vertical space, it can also serve as your focal point.

However, if you are not into anything flashy, you can always resort to traditional wall décors. Wall arts come in different colors, shapes, and sizes depending on the look you are going for.


For a luxury home, lighting is not just a tool used to illuminate a home but it also has become an important decorative element for when designing a living room.

There are a wide range of styles you can choose: if you want to go daring, you might want something like a bespoke chandelier. Meanwhile, if you are aiming for something simple yet elegant, a wall lighting fixture works every time.

Other trendy lighting features worth checking out are backlighting (ideal for entertainment consoles) and niche lighting. They have adjustable features that allow you to control the amount of light according to the occasion and time of day.

Artworks & Accessories

Art has always been somehow connected to luxury. If you want to make your apartment look sophisticated, the bigger, the better. An oversized canvas gives that luxe gallery feel while a huge sculpture or vase makes an interesting focal point for your space. While you’re at it, throw in pillows in high-quality textiles as well!

I understand that buying a luxury vacation home can be a dicey investment—let me help you choose a property that you won’t regret. For more information on real estate and luxury homes for sale in Williamsburg, VA, ask the experts. Get in touch with Coldwell Banker Traditions at 757.229.9595 or info(at)cbtraditions(dotted)com today.