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Beef up the security system of your luxury home

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You invested enormously in your luxury home. Like many affluent homeowners, security and privacy are now your top concerns because you want to protect your investment.

When it comes to security, you don’t have to sacrifice the aesthetics of your high-end home for the sake of functionality. Luxury home decor ideas are now being incorporated into smart home security systems for a sophisticated solution.

Here are some of the best picks:


You’ll love how SimpliSafe security products blend seamlessly into your luxury home. Its security equipment is modern and sleek. The Base Station looks like an elegant Wi-Fi router, or an upscale scent diffuser. SimpliSafe fills your home with security devices without raising suspicions or sacrificing style.

A smash-safe keypad comes with the package, allowing you to operate the system on the fly upon entry and exit. It will continue to alert authorities even if intruders attempt to destroy it. It’s easy to set up. You can also arm and disarm and view your home anywhere using its mobile app.


Named by U.S News and World Report as best home security system for 2021, Vivint is a full-feature, professionally installed wireless home security system. It allows you to get a customized smart sensor, smart doorbell cameras, and indoor and outdoor cameras for your luxury home.

Using Smart Deter Technology, Vivint’s new outdoor security cam and updated video doorbell are designed to detect real threats and trigger an alarm using light and sound.

The Vivint Smart Hub lets you lock your doors, close your garage door, turn lights on and off, and adjust your home’s temperature all at the same time. It includes two-way talk connecting you with monitoring professionals, or speaking to people at your front door.

When you’re outside or traveling, you can view your home and activate the security system through the Vivint app. You can customize alerts and notifications for any events like if an alarm goes off.


ADT (American District Telegraph) began 145 years ago following a nighttime break-in. The founder, Edward Callahan used a telegraph “call-box” to connect more than 50 homes to a residential security system.

Today, ADT home security systems come in three standard packages with the following features:

  • Smart home accessories, from smart locks to smart light bulbs. Smart home accessories work with Amazon Alexa, Kwikset, and Z-Wave.
  • A mobile app allows virtual access to your home from anywhere.
  • A digital panel with a modern design that you can program with the touch of a finger.
  • Home security cameras including indoor, outdoor, video doorbell cameras, and DIY security cameras.

ADT offers a 6-month guarantee if they can’t resolve your service or security concerns.


Simpler home security systems, do-it-yourself installations, and month-to-month agreements are Frontpoint’s selling points. You get to choose from different security packages including a build-your-own starter kit. Frontpoint also offers environmental protection with Safe Home Select equipped with smoke and heat sensors.

The primary interface is a wall-mounted or tabletop controller. From the system, you can arm or disarm, view sensor status, and control home automation. One interesting feature of Frontpoint motion sensors is that aside from alerting the monitoring team when triggered, it sends still images.

The mobile app allows you to control the home security systems while you’re on the go.

Sunflower Home Awareness System

The Sunflower Home Awareness System integrates motion and vibration sensors with AI processing. The new system from Sunflower Labs also features the first autonomous residential drone. It has three components :

  • The external alarm system consists of a series of Sunflower Smart Lights, disguised as garden lamps that automatically provide lighting post-sunset, and constantly monitor movement on your property. Sunflowers are capable of differentiating people, animals, and vehicles. It deters intruders with an alarm.
  • A lightweight, fully-autonomous drone called The Bee navigates safely to observe activity on your property. It was designed for a precise, reliable landing, ultrasonic object-avoidance, and with infra-red landing cameras and live streaming videos. It can dock smoothly even during harsh weather conditions. Using the mobile app, the drone can be deployed in seconds and flies to inspect and shoot video footage within a property’s geofenced border.
  • The charging station, which keeps The Bee safe and powered, is appropriately called The Hive. The sleek, weatherproof housing is the brains of the entire system containing AI data processing.

The Sunflower Home Awareness Systems are available for preorder.

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