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Feature to Add to Your Luxury Home

Feature to Add to Your Luxury Home

When it comes to defining a luxury home, most home buyers are not merely thinking about a well-appointed home. Most conjure images of a house with limitless amenities for the owner to feel pampered or spoiled. In this case, we are talking about royal levels of opulence and extravagance. Especially when it comes to luxury homes in Williamsburg, VA

The rich and famous have no shortage of luxury home ideas. No luxury home is complete without the luxury convenience of never-ending pools, steam rooms, and in-home gyms. Some might even fancy a home tennis-court or a gaming room, while others dream of a fully stocked professional kitchen. When it comes to buying a home, what are luxury lookers looking for when searching for their new home?

The Techo-home

As time progresses, more and more technological advances become a part of our everyday lives. The introduction of technology to home life is something that homeowners are looking for when buying a home. Specialty builders are now catering to the more tech-minded homeowners and their high-tech gadgets. 

These days, just a swipe of your smartphone has the potential to control most features in your home. You can unlock doors, change the temperature, check the alarm system, even when traveling. These are the features that today’s modern homebuyers crave.

Homeowners are also looking to buy both technology and materials that make use of reclaimed waste. More buyers are becoming more environmentally conscious and want their home to reflect their green ideals. This expands beyond the Energy-star appliances to materials such a reclaimed wood and floors. 

Outdoor Pools and Kitchens

This might come as a no-brainer, but people love spending time outside, especially the poolside. More and more homebuyers are looking for a fully stocked kitchen not only in the house but a kitchenette where they can cook without ever having to step foot inside. 

The most asked for amenities in an outdoor kitchen include a BBQ grill, a stainless sink, as well as a stainless-steel countertop to prepare food. 

Of course, if we are talking luxury, buyers are seeking larger than average pools with hot tubs and nearby cabanas. The setup receives bonus points if it also has a water feature such as a waterfall or rock features that create an element of privacy around the pool. 

Gaming Rooms and Home Theaters 

Gaming rooms have been around for decades, but they are still a favorite with potential luxury homebuyers. Any luxury home worth their weight in gold will also feature a built-in movie theater for home viewing purposes.

Wealthy homeowners are looking to take this trend to the next level by building indoor bowling alleys, basketball courts, pool, and even entire casino setups in their house. Recently, the wealthy trend at hand is to recreate their favorite sports bar and stock with full liquor.

The main goal of the wealthy homeowner is to create a space where they never need to leave. The more outlandish, the better, as long as it is in the comfort of their own home. 

Mostly, the unique gaming and theatre facilities there are, the better; the main goal is the creation of a space where a homeowner never feels the need to leave the comforts of home – it’s all there at their fingertips.

Home Gym

No luxurious home would be complete without a full gym to keep that body toned. The best of the in-home gyms would include ample space for weights of different types, running and biking equipment, and of course, a pulsing sound system to energize the workout. Some of the more lavish homes are even installing in-home rock-climbing walls. And of course, there is the home sauna to melt that post-workout stress away. 

Excessive Storage Space

What is the point of owning all these things if there is no place to store them all? Luxury home buyers are looking to extend their bedrooms to their closets to store and display all their luxury goods. Both men and women are jumping on the trend of building large separate rooms to display their fashionable items. The most popular style is a classic dark cedar shelving unit in which to show silk ties and leather shoes, and lots of lighting to accentuate the wearer.

King Size Bedrooms

Of course, the luxury doesn’t stop at the bedroom. Most of our private lives take place in the bedroom, so buyers are looking for a room that is both spacious and ample. Of course, the room should feature lots of seating and be equipped with the latest technology. 

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