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Fundraising Activities: How You Can Support the Williamsburg VA Community

Fundraising activity in Williamsburg VA

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us many lessons, but the most important one is this: community involvement is key to our collective survival. Acts big or small, ranging from wearing a mask to volunteering at fundraising activities, helped the Williamsburg community through the worst of the global pandemic.

The importance of community involvement has always been a principle that most successful real estate professionals live by. The quality of life in our community plays a major role in every real estate transaction. And here at Coldwell Banker Traditions, we support the community that we live in.

Fortunately, there are many fundraising and volunteer activities in Williamsburg VA, allowing everyone to support various causes and projects in their own way. Here are our suggestions on how you can help the Williamsburg community:

Participate in wildlife conservation projects

Williamsburg is home to numerous parks and nature trails, which are enjoyed by residents and visitors a like. Help maintain and preserve the city’s natural spaces by donating or by signing up as a volunteer at the following organizations:

The Friends of the Waller Mill Park volunteer program

As a Friend of the Park, you get to assist with various events and maintenance projects that keep Waller Mill Park pristine and beautiful for the community. Activities range from cleaning trails and monitoring the dog park to organizing different park events. You can check out the application form here.

Heritage Humane Society

The Heritage Humane Society is Williamsburg’s independent, open-admission shelter, which provides foster care and affordable adoption and spay/neuter services for stray or surrendered animals. In addition to their animal welfare advocacies, the Heritage Humane Society also educates the public on humane animal care and treatment.

As an independent organization, they receive most of their funding through private donations. If you want to contribute to their cause, you can check out their donation drives and projects or read more about their volunteer opportunities.

Historic Virginia Land Conservancy

Known as the first private non-profit land trust in Virginia, the Historic Virginia Land Conservancy was incorporated to enact the provisions in the Virginia Conservation Easement Act. Specifically, this organization seeks to protect and preserve natural, scenic, agricultural, and historic land in the lower James, York, and Rappahannock River watersheds.

Run by community leaders, working committees, paid staff, and volunteers, the Conservancy aims to protect Williamsburg’s natural lands, so that current and future generations can benefit from its beauty and legacy. Learn more about becoming an individual or business sponsor here.

Support the local arts and culture scene

A city’s history and culture play a huge role in nurturing a sense of community, whether through educational tours and classes, local art gallery exhibitions, or homegrown theater productions. This goes double for a city like Williamsburg, known for being the premier center for the preservation and interpretation of American colonial history.

However, these important cultural endeavors need promotion and financial help. If you want to support Williamsburg’s creatives and cultural workers, here are some foundations and organizations you can donate to:

Volunteer at special community events

If you have time and energy to spare, the Williamsburg Parks and Recreation department has various sponsorship and volunteer opportunities for the city’s special events and seasonal festivities. You can also assist as a volunteer coach for the city’s youth sports programs, including tennis, basketball, softball, and volleyball.

Promote local businesses

Williamsburg is a culturally vibrant city, home to great restaurants, boutiques, and breweries. You can show your support by attending events like food tours, wine walks, or pub crawls. You can also go the extra mile and be involved in weekly events like the Williamsburg Farmer’s Market. You can sign up as a volunteer, become a Friend of the Market and help sustain the local food economy, or support the Market as a sponsor.

There are also various sponsorship options that can provide much needed support to local businesses. For example, the Greater Williamsburg Chamber of Commerce offers sponsorship opportunities that can benefit not only the city’s economy and homegrown industries, but also give you a platform to network with other professionals or promote your own business.

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