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Home Selling During the “New Normal”: How to Host a Successful Virtual Home Tour

Home Selling During the New Normal

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, more and more home sellers and real estate agents are taking advantage of technology in order to provide interactive experiences that’s more immersive than ever when putting a home on the market.

One of the most effective tools available today are virtual home tours and interactive showings, which make it possible for home sellers to showcase their home while adhering to health and safety measures established throughout the country. 

While it’s not quite the same as an actual, on-site home tour, there are a lot of things sellers can do to maximize their virtual home tour, increasing their chances of getting a top-dollar offer. 

If you’re planning to sell your home amidst the pandemic, here’s a handy home seller’s guide on how to host a successful virtual tour for your home.

Create a route for your virtual tour

Handling things “on the fly” isn’t such a good idea when you’re hosting a virtual tour, as it can lead to an unorganized, disjointed experience.

Make sure you plan a route throughout your home beforehand. This will help you avoid any unexpected mistakes during the tour, and make the entire experience more seamless. Remember to work with your agent when you’re planning your route so you can get expert advice on the essential parts you should focus on. This will give your virtual tour a better “flow.”    

Ensure proper lighting for your interiors

Lighting plays a significant role when it comes to video-based technology. Make sure your interiors don’t look dull and drab in your virtual tour by switching on all of the lights and opening your windows. But be conscious about having too much light illuminating your spaces, as it can look washed out and overexposed, which can make things hard to see.

To help you adjust your lighting levels and find the perfect balance, run a test virtual showing with your agent to see how your home looks on video, and make changes if necessary. Schedule your actual virtual showing during the same time to replicate the lighting conditions during your test run. 

Clean and organize your home

Just like with in-person showings, having a clean and organized home will generate more interest in prospective buyers.

As you get ready for your first virtual showing, clean your home and make sure everything looks presentable, especially in the areas you’ve planned along your route. Decluttering, repainting walls, and scrubbing surfaces and cleaning windows will help your home make a great impression, even if it’s only viewed through a screen!  

Clear out a temporary space in case you have pets

You’ve likely seen a few viral videos that show pets interrupting people’s virtual work meetings. While they are hilarious and entertaining to watch, you want to keep your pet from making a cameo during your virtual home tour – not everybody’s a cat or dog lover, after all. 

If possible, designate a spare room where your pet can stay safe and comfortable during the duration of your tour. This will help ensure a distraction-free virtual tour, and will also eliminate a potential trip hazard for you as you navigate through your home.  

Be ready to answer questions

Just like in-person home tours, prospective buyers will also get an opportunity to ask any questions they might have during a virtual home tour. Work with your real estate agent so you can prepare for questions that might pop up, so you’ll be able to address inquiries confidently. Consider doing a full walkthrough of your entire home so you can note down details which prospective buyers may find helpful.

Again, perform a practice tour with your agent in order to smooth out any kinks in your virtual tour. This will also be very helpful for the agent, as they’ll be the ones who will take point when addressing any inquiries that come up during the tour. 

Work with your agent to follow-up with any interested buyers

Virtual home tours will likely be a new experience for both you and the potential buyers, so working with an agent who knows how to navigate through the entire process will be essential. 

Whenever you get inquiries from any interested buyers, your agent will ensure they have all the information they need, including documentation, photos of your home, and important facts about the area. So remember to work closely with your agent whenever he or she asks for your help in obtaining these. 

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