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How to boost your home’s value for a quick sale

Elegant Living room

Selling your home can be a challenge, especially when time is of the essence. To attract the right buyers as quickly as possible, you need to present your house in the best light possible. This involves staging your home for a virtual tour or an in-person showing.

Making small but impactful home improvements ensures that not only does your place look desirable, but that its value goes up. This, in turn, entices prospective buyers to make an offer immediately.

The trick is knowing the quick and easy ways you can increase your home’s value. In this home sellers guide, we have gathered a list of projects that appeal to the five senses and boost property values.

Sight to behold

  1. Repaint the rooms. A fresh layer of paint does wonders. Choose a neutral, such as beige, gray, or tan, to let buyers easily imagine how they can use the rooms.
  2. Clear out the clutter. The more things you have, the more cramped your home feels. Besides, you don’t want buyers to be distracted by an unsightly mess. Before listing your home, store away unnecessary items or have a yard sale.
  3. Bring in natural light. A sunny room feels bigger and more open. Replace heavy drapery with blinds or shutters. If the room is dim, add lamps to dark corners. When you show your house, pull back window dressings to let in the sunlight.

Music to your ears

  1. Stage an outdoor entertaining area. Make your home more attractive with a fun outdoor space. Buy patio furniture and throw on colorful pillows and blankets. Add potted plants for greenery. Finally, hang lanterns or string lights for ambiance.
  2. Play soothing tunes. During your house tour, set the mood by playing music that immediately sets potential buyers at ease. “It gives the prospect a calm, relaxing feeling … so they can picture themselves in the home in serenity,”an agent said. For inspiration, here’s a Spotify playlist curated by the National Association of Realtors based on tunes agents like to play. Keep the volume in the lower range to encourage conversation and discussion.
  3. Light a fire. If it’s a chilly day, light your fireplace. To calm the senses, burn some pinecones for a wintry holiday scent.

Stop and smell the roses

  1. Deep clean. A deep clean will cost over $150, but the results can raise the value of your home by $1,700. It’s undeniably the best investment you can make. Get a professional to shampoo your furniture and carpet to remove odors and stains.
  2. Place diffusers all around. Eliminate unpleasant smells by opening the windows and placing scent diffusers around the house a few days before a viewing.
  3. Avoid cooking pungent food. The smell of fish or garlic can turn off buyers. Don’t cook food that leaves a lingering odor when you’re due to show your house to buyers.

In good taste

  1. Freshen up the kitchen. Small changes to the kitchen go a long way to boost the value of a home. Clear counter space of small appliances like microwaves or coffee makers. Replace taps and cabinet and drawer pulls with more modern versions. Repaint the kitchen cabinets to make them look new.
  2. Install water filters. A water filtration system, or even water filters attached to taps, is an affordable luxury that buyers look for. These add-ons also mean extra savings on your grocery bill.
  3. Offer refreshments. Serve your guests cookies and drinks as a courtesy – and to make their time in your home memorable.

Feeling luxe

  1. Drape luxurious blankets. Have you ever noticed how interior designers carefully drape a warm throw on a couch or armchair? Why not do the same for your living room?
  2. Layer up cushions. Add visual interest to your living space and bedrooms with pillows in various sizes, colors, and textures.
  3. Update the thermostat. If you have a few hundred dollars to spare, consider installing a smart thermostat system. Intelligent home systems allow you to send instructions to turn on the heating or air conditioning before you arrive. Imagine how much you and future homeowners will save on energy bills.

As you look around the different rooms to add, repair, and upgrade, decide what you want to revamp. Show your buyers a vision of what their home could be. Even the smallest touches, when thoughtful, make a big difference.

Adding value to your home doesn’t have to be complicated. All it takes is a bit of elbow grease and a little guidance for first-time home sellers.

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