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How to Choose the Right Listing Agent to Sell Your Home

Listing agent touring homebuyers to a home for sale

Finding the right agent for your needs is quite time consuming, but it will pay off much in the long run. When looking for the perfect agent, you might feel a little out of your league. It is very easy to underestimate your actual knowledge of the real estate world, and the online reviews generally prove to be unhelpful.

After you learn about the real estate process, you will better understand how finding the right agent can lead you to find the perfect home for your needs. So how can you be sure your agent is the right fit for you? This home sellers guide can help you choose the best agent for you.

Where to Look

There are hundreds of options when you start the process of selling your home. You can always ask your friends or family for real estate suggestions, but looking online can be incredibly overwhelming. So how can you narrow down your search?

It is highly recommended that in your research, you find an agent who has sold at least one house in the last six months. Real estate trends can change quite quickly, so it is crucial to find someone who has dealt with the process recently.

You should also try to locate recommendations from people who have recently sold their homes. Once you have a few names, you can find reviews and testimonials from previous customers online.

Interview Your Agent Before You Meet

When you are picking the best agent, it is wise to interview them before you meet to make sure that they have your best interests in mind. This will save you time and initial consultation fees if applicable.

When you are relating your information and expectations, be sure to ask the agent’s honest opinion. It is possible that your asking price is too high or that you need to make some repairs before putting your home on the market.

After you talk with a few listing agents, you should have a general feel of the candidates. If there is anyone who seems unqualified or unrealistic, you can easily scratch them off of your shortlist. You should always try to find an agent who is straightforward and honest with you in every situation.

Find Someone Who is Responsive

If a realtor isn’t responsive to your needs, then they are just wasting your time. In seller’s markets, houses can go quickly, so it can make a difference if you are the first to market. If your agent isn’t acting swiftly or making moves, then they are not looking out for your best interest.

Make sure your agent is also full time. You do not want to hire someone who is just doing this as a side job or part-time hobby. You should ask to see their license, credentials, and find out how long they have been at their company. You should also find out how many transactions they complete every month to get an idea of their competitiveness.

In essence, a real estate agent is a salesman. Like any salesman, you don’t want your agent to give off a pushy or sleazy vibe. This transaction is not simple, but you should never feel pressured into making any decisions. You should always be comfortable with the process and keep searching if the agent seems pushy or dismissive.

Don’t Be Afraid to Move On

If you’ve already chosen an agent but are having issues or second thoughts, it is okay to move on. If you are not under any contract, you should not feel obligated to keep working with someone who isn’t working out.
You must remember that you are the client and the customer, so they should be looking out for your needs. If you ever get the feeling that they are only in it for the commission or are simply not listening to your desires, it is okay to give them the boot.

Getting the most money from your house relies on how quickly your agent can close the deal. If you think someone can do better, by all means, go with them instead.

What If I’m Looking to Sell My House Fast in Williamsburg, VA?

Finding the best real estate agent for your needs can be a tricky task and may take time. If you are patient, then your decision will pay off in the end. Finding someone who has your best interest in mind in Williamsburg that will get you the most money for your home is what you deserve.

If you don’t find someone you trust, keep searching because the perfect agent is out there for you.

The right agent call makes all the difference. You can rely on our expertise and specialist knowledge to get the best price for your home alongside a quick, and easy sale. To get started, just give us a call or shoot us an email. We are always happy to help you out!