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Make the most of your time at home during this pandemic

Woman meditating before yoga

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced most U.S. states to enforce lockdowns and other precautionary measures to keep people safe at home. While the intention is for our own good, it’s also resulting in many people getting depressed or suffering from cabin fever.

At this crucial period, you have to be both physically and mentally healthy. Don’t worry, here’s a list of things to do at home while riding out the pandemic in Williamsburg, VA.

Keep a journal or start a blog

Find a few minutes to write down your thoughts for the day. How are you feeling? What’s something new that you discovered? You can also start writing about a new hobby you picked up during the pandemic.

Take a break from social media

Social media can be very toxic these days, especially since it’s the venue where you get fed with news and updates (mostly bad) in real time. Add to that the crazy vitriolic online reactions to these updates. Consider taking a break from it for an hour or two – better if you can keep away from it for one whole day to reset your FOTD (feelings of the day).

The next suggestion is a great way to spend your time away from social media.

Get enough sleep

Getting sound sleep does so many wonderful things to your body from improving your memory to boosting your immune system – a very important perk to keep you from getting sick. Aim for at least seven hours of sleep each night.

Channel your inner Marie Kondo

You have all this time in your hands – why not go through all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years and declutter? See if each item you have still “sparks joy” for you. For those that still do, organize these in your closets and other storage bins. As for the rest, pack these up and either donate them to charities or hold a garage sale – with social distancing measures in place, of course.

Talk with a loved one

While it’s still risky to meet up with family and friends, you can reach out to them via any video calling app like FaceTime, Google Meet, Facebook Live, or Zoom. That way, you connect with them safely.

Get exercise

There are many free exercise apps, as well as videos for your kind of workout on YouTube and Instagram. On top of weight management and better muscle tone, physical activity boosts your nervous system’s production of “feel-good” hormones, known as endorphins.

If you can go out once in a while, why not take up golf in any of the Williamsburg, VA golf courses? Just make sure to follow safety protocols while in the heat of the game.

Read a book

There’s no better way to get lost in time than through reading a book. If you prefer podcasts, there’s a plethora to choose from!

Get your favorite take out

While dining in your favorite restaurant is finally allowed, there are many risks involved with visiting enclosed public places. Fret not, because there are numerous places to eat in Williamsburg, VA that offer takeout, delivery, or curbside pick-up. Check out this listing of local dining spots that are open to serve you.


Meditation can only take as little as five minutes of your day. It’s known to reduce anxiety, boost your mood, and manage your stress levels. There are apps available to track your progress, such as Headspace.

Binge-watch something that’ll make you laugh

Whether it’s your favorite childhood cartoon series or a cheesy romantic comedy, watch something that’ll make you smile and laugh—no one’s judging.

Learn to whip up a new dish

If you haven’t spent time in the kitchen, put that apron on and learn to cook a new dish. You can follow cooking videos on YouTube or find recipes on Pinterest. Or click here for great “quarantine recipes” to try from

Organize your home office

If you’re part of today’s workforce who’s now working remotely, you’ll have time to set up your home office. It doesn’t need to be a dedicated room in your home – even just a small space can be converted into your home office, for as long as it keeps you productive.

Sip your favorite wine

You’ve probably been saving a bottle of your expensive wine for a special occasion. The pandemic may not be the special occasion you have in mind but it may just be the perfect time for you to treat yourself.

Offer help to the vulnerable

If you have a senior citizen for a next-door neighbor, you can offer to do their groceries or pick up their medication. Their age group is most vulnerable to contracting the coronavirus so your help will mean a lot to them.

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