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Sell Your House Faster by Improving Its Curb Appeal

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Planning to sell your house but not sure how to make a good profit out of it? Upgrade your home with this home sellers guide. Learn more about improving your curb appeal and maximizing the potential of your home.

How to sell my house fast in Williamsburg VA?

If you have encountered the word ‘curb appeal’ then you might already know that creating an exciting first impression of your house to a potential buyer is a must! These variety of tips about how to level up your home’s curb appeal will surely complete your first time home seller guide without having to cost you a fortune.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder and so is your Exterior

Remember, curb appeal is all about the attractiveness of your home. If anyone passing by the area saw your house, appreciate it from afar and know that it is for grab, you are creating a free marketing strategy there. People will start talking about it and when potential buyers come, the first thing you would like them to notice is how welcoming your exteriors are that they couldn’t wait to see the inside.

How to make your exterior captivating? Here is some of the first time home seller guide to increase your home value:

  • Go with greeneries. Edge your garden.

    Experts suggest that a group of plants create high impact and go more noticeable than individual flowerpots. Expert or not, a tasteful landscaping will always do the trick in leveling up the game. You can install some few trees to fill vacant spots in your landscaping or improve your lawn by sprucing it up. You can also do a border path or edging your garden beds with options from stones, concretes, bricks, metal and woods – this will give a clean and sleek appeal to your outdoors.

  • Invest on Outdoor Lightings

    Path lighting using individual solar path lights is a low-cost option with a great value addition to your home’s curb appeal. Don’t forget to replace those glaring floodlights in your home and/or your garage exteriors. Add lighting fixtures that will illuminate the overall beauty of your house.

  • Refresh the Paint and Mind Your Garage

    Update those old crooked paints in your deck, your window trims and door frames. Touching it up with a few cans of paint will make it look well-maintained. Don’t forget to also revive your garage doors especially if it’s positioned near the front of your house. 

  • Upfront Your Front

    Creating an outdoor living space in your home is a game-changer. You can achieve it by installing a swing in your porch, cozy furniture in your deck, a barbeque area or an outdoor bar in your garden and add some mood lighting to perfect the scenery.

Present your Entryway, the Right Way

The front door is the entryway to your home and a key to your success in sealing off the deal with home buyers. So, you might want to make sure to give it an upgrade by bringing new colors and replacing entry fixtures as necessary – remember, home buyers also look for security. You might need to replace the entry-door lock set and front-door mailbox, as well. You can also add natural touch ups by adding a big planted pot on the side of your entryway, this will give a warm and welcoming atmosphere to its new homeowners.

Interior All the Way or Your Way?

So, you finally caught the home buyer’s attention with your front yard, and now you ask how can I sell my house fast Williamsburg VA with my existing interiors?’ You can still ace your home’s curb appeal on the inside with small investment. Make sure that old paints have been freshened up. White paint can be your friend – it will make your interior look larger, fresher, and cleaner. Also, minimalism is now a trend. Sometimes, when it comes to the inside of the house, less is more.

Nothing Beats Cleanliness and Cleanliness Can Cost You Nothing At All

Home sellers guide tip number one is to always put yourself in the shoes of your home buyers. Who would want a dirty lawn or a broken concrete on the outside? Mow, weed, and trim – these can cost you nothing. Go over with the house with a trash bin and toss the unnecessary clutters around. Make sure that your pavement and windows are clean and roofs are moss-free, do repairs with these as possible as you can.

If you cannot afford to do an overall home repaint, you can go for a power wash. This will brighten up your home. Another budget tip is to paint the trim or just the window trims with accent color, it will create a visual pop to your home. Also, if you are worried by too much water consumption in your lawn, you can just replace some portion of it with drought-tolerant landscaping and you’re good!

I hope this home seller’s guide helps you get started. For more information on real estate, ask the experts. Get in touch with Coldwell Banker Traditions at 757.229.9595 or info(at)cbtraditions(dotted)com today.