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Surrounded by opulence: Life in a high-end luxury home

High-end Luxury home

A high-end luxury home provides both prestige and status symbol. Luxe amenities and extravagant details can make any homeowner feel like royalty, while stunning views, a convenient location, and utmost privacy add to an exceptional way of life.

Is a multimillion-dollar home worth the price tag? If you’re contemplating adding your name to the list of jet setters and celebrities who live in mini palaces or grand estates, here’s a sneak peak of what’s waiting for you.

Sophisticated architecture

Distinctive architecture is one of the hallmarks of a luxury home. Whatever the style, a luxury home is designed to be one-of-a-kind and remarkable, with extraordinary details incorporated into all facets, from the walls and ceilings to the exterior. The amount of customization and craftsmanship that goes into a luxury home is what truly sets it apart from the standard property.

Exquisite interiors

Everything in the interior of a luxury home is designed to give the house the “wow“ factor. The interiors speak glamour and elegance befitting the lifestyle of the homeowners. High ceilings, huge fireplaces, floor-to-ceiling windows, glass walls, and marble tiles are just some of the opulent features you can expect in a high end home.

Natural elements like indoor greenery, indoor water feature, and eco-friendly elements are popular in luxury homes today. As interior trends evolve over the years, you can expect these top-of-the-line properties to be at the forefront of the latest in design movements.

Impeccable outdoor spaces

Many high-end luxury properties come with expansive landscaped grounds that allow owners and guests to enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of their homes. You can feast your eyes and senses in thoughtfully designed outdoor spaces that are perfect for relaxation during warm sunny days, entertaining guests, or simply savoring the surroundings views.

Popular outdoor features and amenities include custom swimming pools, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, Zen gardens, koi ponds and other water features, and spacious lanais or patios.

State of the art security systems

Owning a million-dollar home often means having a comprehensive security system for protection and privacy. Luxury homes today have amped up security using highly advanced IoT technology that makes homes smarter. Smart home security devices include smart locks that can be controlled remotely, internet-connected video cameras that can stream live feed, video doorbells, and smart lights. You may also find biometric systems, “batcaves” or safety bunkers, and even bullet and bomb proof doors.

Smart technology features

Smart technology in upscale homes is not limited to security. It is also utilized to create a sophisticated sensory experience and provide utmost convenience to its discerning owners.

A tech-savvy luxury home can automate lighting, music and video, water and indoor temperatures, window shades, and more. Other state-of-the-art features include smart kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators that can keep track of the food inside or ovens that can tell how to best cook a meal.

Luxe amenities

In the world of multi- million luxury homes, there is no scaling back when it comes to amenities, creating a year round vacation experience.

  • An outdoor kitchen with an expansive patio is one of top features of an upscale home, especially in sunny California communities where entertaining under the stars is feasible all year round. Features such as built-in barbecues and pizza ovens may also be included.
  • A chef’s kitchen, or a commercial grade kitchen fitted out with top grade appliances is also a popular luxury home feature. It may include double ovens, a large kitchen island, heating drawers, sub-zero refrigerators and freezers, and other appliances and fixtures not seen in typical kitchens.
  • Wine rooms or cellars are among the trends in luxury homes today. Temperature controlled wine storage is a must have for wine collectors and enthusiasts to preserve and show off their prized bottles.
  • Walk-in closets are also common in luxury homes, allowing homeowners to organize and have plenty of room for their designer clothes and shoes.
  • Spa bathrooms provide a rejuvenating oasis right in your home. Be pampered in luxurious walk-in showers with head-to-toe shower jets, bio-sauna, steam rooms, towel warmers, and a huge soaker tub.
  • Game and theater rooms provide a luxurious indulgence without leaving home. Some may even include an indoor basketball court or golf simulator, and perhaps a sports bar for a complete home entertainment experience.
  • Home fitness centers are in style with premium gym equipment and wellness space for yoga and meditation. You can even hire a personal trainer to sweat it out without going to the gym.

A high-end luxury home means unparalleled comfort and indulgence. More than that, they also make a great investment. To get more ideas about finding the luxury home of your dreams, talk to our team at Coldwell Banker Traditions. Call us at 757.229.9595 or email info(at)cbtraditions(dotted)com.