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Tips for Choosing the Right Home

Tips for Choosing the Right Home

In the U.S., at any point in time, there are millions of homes for sale. With so many options on the market, it makes sense as to why it is so difficult to find the “perfect” house. Williamsburg VA real estate is no exception. 

However, for those who take the time to stop and consider what they desire in a home, truly want, then many of the complications of buying a home melt away. The most important thing to do when buying a home is to keep a mental (or physical) checklist of all the features that you desire. Make sure not to the must-haves as well as the dealbreakers. When you are making this checklist, here is a first time home buyer guide including a few things to consider first:

How much does it cost?

Once you have established your budget, you can begin your home shopping journey. To figure out your budget, you must first choose a monthly payment that you can comfortably pay every month. Then, use the handy “3-1 mortgage calculator” to arrive at a final purchase price.

After settling on a maximum purchase price, then you are ready to reach out to a lender. The lender will be able to let you know whether or not you have the approval to purchase your home at the intended price, in what is known as a “pre-approval.” When you go to put an offer on the home, your amount will be enticing since it is pre-approved by a lender. It is also an excellent way to prevent yourself from falling for a house that is out of your price range. 

After your budget is finalized, it is time to start searching for homes. 

Sticking to a budget and only searching for a home in that price range will help you to limit your results to a more manageable group. You can then choose a location that fits your price range. 

Always remember that you should not use up the entirety of your budget. You should always leave a bit extra for the closing fees, moving expenses, and any necessary renovations on the house. 

Choose a house with the appropriate number of rooms

The second biggest decision when you are choosing a house is the size or square footage. Having an idea of how much space you will need in a home will help you decide how many bedrooms you should look for. Having an adequate amount of rooms is necessary, especially for families that have children.

You should also ask yourself about living situations. Is it okay for two children to share a room? Would you prefer to have a guest room in case the in-laws visit? These days, it is also a good idea to think about a work from home office space. 

If you are looking at a house that you like, but it has fewer bedrooms than you want, is it possible to convert any of these bedrooms into something else? One popular solution is to convert an office into a spare bedroom or guest room. Some homeowners even turn a room into a separate playroom for the kids. Whatever you decide, you aren’t always limited to what places are designed for.

Choose the right location

Whatever reason you are moving, you should always be aware of the location you are moving to. You may know the relative area of the town or city, but one street can be drastically different from another on the same block. It is essential to inspect the location of your home and make sure that it is satisfactory. 

For example, if you are a family with children or plan to have children in the future, it is crucial to consider the school zone you are moving to. You should also consider how your children will get to school. Would you prefer them to walk or take the bus? 

Perhaps you have no children, but you are interested in living in a district with a vibrant arts scene, or maybe you love jogging or yoga. In that case, you should check to see if there are any nearby parks.

Is it necessary that your neighborhood is kid-friendly? Are you looking for community amenities like public pools or playgrounds? Also, don’t forget to consider the crime rate in the area. That can be a huge selling point in the future. 

Think about what you like doing and all of your hobbies. You should choose a home that allows you to do everything you would like to do within walking distance, that is, unless you don’t mind public transportation.

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