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Tips on How to Turn Your Luxury Home Into a Smart Home

Tips on How to Turn Your Luxury Home Into a Smart Home

Smart technology and cutting-edge devices for homes are constantly changing the way we live and enhancing our lifestyles. Equipping your home with smart technology is one of the best things you can do to significantly improve the quality of your life.

With the current global pandemic, most people are now working remotely and spending more time at home, so looking into equipping your home with smart devices is a great way to upgrade your daily life, and can help you automate some of your existing processes.

In addition, homes with smart technology can also reduce around 15% from the average monthly electricity bill, helping you save more money in the long run.

Ready to start? Take a look at some devices that can turn your luxury home into a smart home:

Digital Home Assistant

Start your smart home upgrade by getting either a Google Home or an Amazon Echo, two of the most popular smart home digital assistants available on the market.

These devices are used as a “main hub” for other smart devices you own, allowing you to play music, get the weather forecast, take down notes, have food delivered and more, just by using your voice. 


According to a study conducted by Allied Market Research, the smart lighting systems market size is predicted to reach over $36 billion globally by 2026.

Smart light bulbs can make your home more energy efficient and your daily life a lot easier. You’ll be able to link smart light bulbs through Google Home or Amazon Echo, allowing you to control your home’s lights through voice command or by adjusting settings through an app on your smartphone. 

There are some smart lightbulb models that allow you to select colors as well, so you can change the mood of any room for different occasions. In addition to being more energy efficient, smart light bulbs are also more durable compared to standard light bulbs. Companies such as Cisco, Phillips, and Syska Lighting are some of the most trusted brands that produce smart lighting systems. 

Thermostat Controllers

Thermostat controllers can automatically sense the temperature of the room it’s installed in, and can initiate commands based on your preferences by using built-in motion sensors 

Smart temperature systems can analyze the room’s air quality, adjust cooling and heating levels, follow a set schedule and provide you with detailed information about the temperature in your home. 

Smart Appliances

There are plenty of options available when you’re looking for smart appliances, so you’ll have to decide which ones will be worth the purchase. These smart kitchen devices can make cooking and preparing meals significantly easier.

You can get the Alexa-compatible Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker, which can brew a fresh cup of coffee as soon as you roll out of bed through a simple voice command. Looking for the ultimate small kitchen appliance? The Smart WiFi Instant Pot allows you to cook, adjust settings, and monitor your meal’s progress through any mobile device.

These are just two of the many high-tech appliances that can make your daily life easier – if you ask us, smart appliances are the way to go if you really want to feel as though you’re living in the future!

Security Systems

Smart security systems provide better protection against intruders through devices such as surveillance cameras, window and door sensors, motion activated sensors, and alarms, covering all possible entry and exit points throughout your home.

A smart security system involves multiple components to completely secure a home, which means the price of installing a system will depend on the size of your property. One of the key components is a mesh network, which will maximize the performance of all devices. An entry-level three-pack wireless mesh network that covers around 4,500 square feet will set you back about $250.

Smart Entertainment 

Smart entertainment devices are among the first smart devices to hit the market, with the most common ones being smart TVs and wireless Bluetooth speakers. 

One of the latest trends in the smart entertainment category however, are gesture control devices, which interpret movements and offer a new way for you to interact with your devices. There’s the Magic Desk for example, which can raise or lower its height through motion controls and switch off its built in LED smart lamp when you step away for a short break. There’s also the MiraCool Smart Mirror, which can take selfies, display weather forecasts, pull up your schedule and to-do list, and more. 

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