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Top home selling strategies and tips

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You can view selling a house as a competition. You need to find ways to outshine others in the market with similar house specs as yours. Because just like everybody else, you’re eager to hear from potential buyers and get the right offer.

To improve your chances of closing a great deal, our team at Coldwell Banker Traditions prepared a home seller’s guide for you.

Get the price right

You need to set a price for your home that will keep potential buyers interested and get you handsome returns on your investment by closing time. You can either:

  • Generate a comparative market analysis from your local multiple listings service. The CMA, also known as “comps,” helps you to generate a relatively good estimate of your home’s value based on sale prices of recently sold homes in your area that are similar to yours. Your real estate agent can help you with this. Or
  • Hire a professional appraiser. Their services may cost from around $300 to $700 but their educated inputs and sharp eyes will be worth the extra investment.

Know the right time to sell

You need to understand your local real estate market to know the best time to sell. If you’re not rushing to sell your home, you can wait for a seller’s market when you can negotiate for a higher price to potential buyers. Once again, your real estate agent can help in breaking down the technical lingo so you can better understand how the housing market trends in your area can impact your home-selling plans.

Let there be light

Make your house more welcoming by allowing light inside. Adequate lighting in a home makes all the difference. Remove your heavy drapes, replace lamp bulbs with brighter ones, and clean the windows.

Declutter your space

Your prospective buyers should be able to picture themselves living in your home without getting distracted by your personal clutter. So, put away any collectibles or memorabilia that might be lying around the house. You can also store away bulky pieces of furniture, leave the essentials behind, then move these away from the walls to give the illusion of more space. But maybe leave a nice decorative accent or two to give some character to your living quarters.

Clean it up

Cleaning a house thoroughly, inside and out, is another excellent idea. You can do small tasks such as:

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Trimming hedges and bushes, as well as adding new flowering plants
  • Spraying down the dirt in your driveway with a pressure washer
  • Polishing sink faucets
  • Cleaning and washing the windows
  • Vacuuming and cleaning carpets
  • Removing grime and dirt in every nook and cranny of your home

Professionally-taken photos

Almost all buyers these days check out houses for sale in online listings. That’s why it’s best to post high-quality and professionally-taken images of your home in these listings. Hiring a photographer will give you the edge since they know the best angles to use for capturing your property.

Make minor upgrades

These upgrades won’t require you to break the bank but will still assure you of more buyer inquiries and a boost in your home value come sale time:

  • Getting a fresh coat of paint
  • Upgrading lights to LEDs or smart lighting
  • Installing new cabinets
  • Replacing faulty door handles or broken tiles
  • Restoring leaky faucets
  • Placing an air freshener in damp areas to get rid of any musty smell

Utilize social media

Consider using social media platforms, like Facebook Marketplace, to get the word out regarding your house for sale. The great thing about these platforms is their wide reach to the most number of people at any given time. You can even share your listings publicly via your personal social media accounts from Instagram and Twitter to Craigslist. The more people who know about your listing, the better chances you have of finding your potential buyer.

Hire a real estate agent

The inputs of an experienced and dependable real estate agent are valuable as they can provide you with the information you need to make educated decisions on your real estate transaction. They know the neighborhood like the back of their hand.

For starters, you can ask your family or friends for any referrals. Don’t forget to interview several candidates before settling on one. Ask them what buyers will love about your home and if it needs any improvements. The right agent will be able to elaborate their answers to these questions and, if needed, will be honestly frank about it.

Our team of agents is driven to help you achieve your home selling goals. If you want to sell your house fast in Williamsburg, VA, you can depend on Coldwell Banker Traditions to make it happen. We’ve kept our word to our clients since 1885. Reach out to us by calling 757.229.9595 or sending an email to info(at)cbtraditions(dotted)com.