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What luxury homebuyers want the most

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The phrase, “luxury home,” conjures images of swimming pools, gourmet kitchens, home gyms, and home theatres.

But what exactly do luxury homebuyers want in their homes? What features are on their list of must-haves? We compiled a list of luxury home features that every high-end residence should have.

  1. Luxury homebuyers want smart technology
  2. A smart home is today’s new bells and whistles. The luxury homeowner should be able to control lighting, security systems, appliances, and temperature from their phone, or by speaking to a virtual home assistant like Siri or Alexa. Smart home features take convenience to a whole new level – imagine being able to unlock your door or turn on your lights even when you’re on the other side of the country for a trip.

  3. Luxury homebuyers want a fully loaded kitchen
  4. Commercial-grade kitchens and spacious walk-in pantries are now the norm for luxury homeowners. There is ample space to accommodate every member of the family for a sit-down meal at an adjacent dining table – or right at a supersized kitchen island.

    Appliances from ovens to fridges come with smart technology. There are warming drawers to ensure that food is never served cold.

    A full outdoor kitchen is another must-have, especially if the home has an outdoor pool or patio for entertaining. An ideal outdoor kitchen has a built-in grill, a prep area with a sink, a fridge, and even a brick oven.

    To take opulence up a notch, a wine cellar is key for storing only the finest vintages, and a bar that boasts only the finest liquors. For those with old-school wine cellars, a restaurant-quality wine fridge becomes a necessary addition to a kitchen, where bottles can stay at the right temperature before being served to guests.

  5. Luxury homebuyers want an indoor spa
  6. Pools are almost a given when it comes to luxury properties. However, not all opulent homes have spa bathrooms. Why go to a hotel or a spa when one can enjoy the spa experience in the comfort of one’s home? Spa-level bathrooms include spacious showers with shower jets, smart temperature control, towel warmers, Japanese-style heated toilets with smart technology, and a Jacuzzi-style tub where one can soak the stress away. To truly complete the spa experience, one can even build a mini sauna room.

  7. Luxury homebuyers want an entertainment room or two
  8. When it comes to luxurious living, one should be able to do everything from the comfort of one’s home. Entertainment is no exception. In fact, it’s a must. A lot of luxury homes have dedicated home theatres and game rooms. The home theatre should be able to seat the whole family, plus a few extra guests, and the game room will have game consoles, pool tables, and a mini bar.

  9. Luxury homebuyers want a home gym
  10. If one has a spa and theatre at home, one might as well have a home gym, too. Home gyms avoid the hassle of driving out and having to work out in a roomful of people. It’s important to have ample space and the essential equipment based on one’s regimen – whether it’s weights, a treadmill, or a Pilates reformer. Include a wall-length mirror as well, so one can monitor progress and form.

  11. Luxury homebuyers want a spacious primary bedroom
  12. When everything else in the house is luxurious, it only makes sense that the main or primary bedroom should be just as sumptuous, if not more so. Space is essential as are an en suite and a walk-in closet. The bed should be no less than king-sized, with the most comfortable mattress, pillows, and sheets. Lighting, climate control, and window shades should be automated for maximum comfort.

  13. Luxury homebuyers want walk-in closets
  14. Bedrooms that extend into a spacious dressing room and walk-in closet are a must for the safekeeping and display of luxury bags, shoes, clothes, and jewelry. These rooms are lined with shelves, display racks, special cases for watches and jewelry, full-length mirrors, and a large vanity.

Ultimately, the definition of luxury varies from one person to another. But one thing all luxury homes have in common is the ability to make the homeowner feel like royalty even when they’re just in pajamas.

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