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Why you should hire a real estate agent to sell your home

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Not everyone is inclined to hire a real estate agent when selling their home. Apart from the paying commission, it can be challenging to find the right agent. But while listing a house as FSBO or “for sale by owner” can be a viable path, it comes with a lot of risks that can end up costing you more money in the long run.

Whether it’s your first or nth home sale, it always helps to have an experienced and local real estate agent by your side. Here are several reasons why.

1. You’ll have access to their professional networks

One of the key advantages of hiring a full-service real estate agent is that you’re a few clicks or calls away from getting a broad range of related real estate services that will help you sell your house for the best price.

For one, your agent can refer your property to other agents with homebuying clients. This can shorten the time your home spends on the market. Moreover, it increases your chances of securing a great deal. Experienced agents will also have trusted contractors, from builders to home staging professionals, on their speed dial. You’ll be able to prepare your home for sale with minimal fuss.

2. You’ll be able to navigate all your responsibilities as a home seller

An experienced real estate agent will be knowledgeable about state and local laws, regulations, and all the other little details that can slow down or even scupper a prospective real estate deal. They will make sure that you dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’, smooth out all the details, and prevent you from making any costly mistakes or liabilities. Just as important is that hiring a real estate pro means you will set up a real estate contract with your agent that can help cover your back.

3. They offer an objective take on your property

We often get emotionally attached to our homes after having lived in them for years. A good real estate agent will provide you with valuable advice and an unbiased perspective regarding your home’s condition and estimated market value, all backed up by market data and experience.

Your real estate agent knows what it will take to make your house ready for sale. If you’re unable to view your home through the lens of a prospective buyer, your agent can do this for you. They can also recommend steps to take or suggest upgrades to boost your home’s market value and overall desirability.

4. They have extensive market knowledge and negotiation skills

It’s a real estate agent’s job to know the ins and outs of the local real estate market. You can trust them to have valuable input about everything from pricing strategies, timing your listing to match the homebuying season, the fine art of negotiation, and more.

When you work with a real estate agent, you’re also tapping into a deep well of home selling experience that will trump any pithy home seller’s guide you might find online (even this one). It’s a resource that you should take advantage of to get the best deals for your house.

5. They can help you maximize your time and effort

When it comes down to it, a skilled real estate agent saves you time and maximizes the effort that you put into selling your home.

It can be challenging to juggle the home selling process with your career and your family life. When you hire a real estate agent, you can be sure that you’re covered by an expert professional so you can focus your energy on the things that matter to you the most.

If you’re taking a hands-on approach to home selling, a real estate agent is still a valuable well of knowledge and resources that can act like a force multiplier. You’ll be able to finish tasks and steps more efficiently than if you’re selling your home on your own. Together, you can divide and conquer the home selling process!

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